On February 14th, Katarina and Luke had organized a sensual rendezvous at his villa, his playground. When they last had a discussion, planning their carnal adventures, Luke instructed Katarina not to stimulate herself at all amid the day prior to their meeting… His hard-coded rule denied Katarina the luxury of nipple play, pussy play, and clitoral play. He wanted her to be sensationally aroused when he would arrive. Although she reluctantly acknowledged, the subtle vibrations in her voice informed his sixth sense that she wouldn't comply.

Luke knew that Katarina would shower for him just before his scheduled visit. She always knew how much Luke adored the fragrance of her natural showered body, untainted by lotion, perfume or cologne… It ignited the passion that stimulated him to take her from that fresh bathed fragrance to the stirring aroma of sweat and sensual juices that perpetually developed as their time together advanced. Often he could smell her excitement before he saw its physical signs.

Arriving much before the actual arranged time, Luke waited outside until he saw the bathroom light switched on. Standing in the backyard garden, he keenly witnessed her movement behind the frosted glass of the window. Gradually, Katarina strolled toward the shower. He had a set of duplicate keys. Wasting no further time, he hurried to the back entryway of the villa and let himself in.

He discreetly strolled through the living room and into the bedroom. Already, Katarina had lit the candles scattered throughout the room. The atmosphere was gloomy as it keenly awaited the commencement of the dark fantasy games. Even the light from the bathroom was too insufficient to bright it up. "Perfect", Luke told himself as he inhaled the air intoxicating him further. The bathroom door was wide open and Luke stood just outside the entryway, watching Katarina as she showered. For a moment, the exquisite curves of an alluring temptress doped his mind. She moved purposely under the shower as she usually did; wetting all her body except her long, thick and dense hair. Thick streams of water lathered her lush seduction, from the neck, then shoulders, then down her bosom, her navel and finally down to the junction between her legs. Luke let her eyes feast on the raw seduction of the temptress, as her fingers lingered on her areolas. For a moment, Katarina was almost tempted to play with her nipples. Her desperation sent raw impulses through her veins provoking her to deny the rules of the game. However, she was loyal to her master, shook her head as if trying to free her mind from that very tempting idea, and kept on washing.

Katarina always knew how much Luke loved her smooth legs. As she remembered past erotic encounters and crafted the upcoming one in her mind, she foamed her legs with shaving cream and continued to shave each one smoothly with utmost care. She had to get herself ready before her master arrived. Gradually, she shaved the junction between her legs and invested a lot of energy ensuring that it was absolutely clean like a teen. Smooth legs, cleanly shaven pussy; she chuckled as she finished her beautification proud to exhibit her lush seduction to her master. And that pride led to her downfall. Grabbing the after shaving lotion, she carefully applied the strawberry flavored fluid all over her skin. As Katarina massaged the inside of her left thigh, Luke keenly observed that her hand stopped and lingered over her pubis. He saw her leaning against the wall. With so many carnal encounters before this one, Luke knew her moans like the lines of his palm. Thus, when Katarina moaned in that husky tone, Luke sensed the moan he had heard so often before. The moan could only mean she had extended the labia back over her clit with two fingers of one hand, while the middle finger of her other hand gently brushed the nucleus peeking out from that firmly stretched tissue.

With that Luke strolled unobtrusively to the shower and stood right in front of the door. Katarina’s eyes were shut in excitement imagining lustful illustrations of wild passion. The door creaked as Luke kept his hands on the knob and Katarina’s carnal imaginations were blown away at that very noise. She gasped in terror recognizing that her master Luke had caught her red-handed in sheer disobedience of his commands and wishes.

Without saying a word, Luke held his hand out for her to take. Katarina was trembling with nervousness still unsure of her master’s mood. “Was he angry? What’s he gonna do to me? Fuck it, Katie! How could you be so careless?” She cursed herself as her mind kept hopping from one thought to another. Suddenly, the environment in the shower felt so damn cold or was she freezing in terror. Her mind and body were baffled with an unusual blend of fear and wild passion. With trembling hands, Katarina reached her hand out to him and came out of the shower. Still silent and without uttering a word, Luke grabs the large bath towel off the towel bar and started to get her dry. Although he wasn't rough, he was careful and thorough in his approach. She gasped as the coarseness of the towel scraped across her erect nipples. Katarina got reduced to a kid as Luke demanded that she bend over and utilized her hands to spread her butt cheeks so that he could dry her off there as well. In that process, he made her squat somewhat so that he could clean in between her legs as well. As the rugged fabric of the towel scoured rapidly over her already excited pussy, she was panting in quick succession.

“Come with me, little dove,” Luke ordered as he turned and threw the towel to the floor.

“B…B…But,” Katarina stammered.

His fierce and cold gaze crushed the protest on her lips and she knew her efforts of pleading would deliver her no results.

As they strolled back into the bedroom, he pulled the heavy weighted oak chair from its place at the workspace. She knew what it meant, to spread her legs wide and bend over on the chair. For a moment, Katarina had her thoughts leaping from one vision to another wondering the worst possibilities. “An over-the-knee spanking? An electrical stimulation, over-the-knee? An ice cube treatment in both the cavities? Surely, he isn’t that annoyed with me,” Katarina tried to reassure herself as she breathed in deep. 

As he opened the cabinet containing their various toys, she stood alarmed.  As he investigated those various instruments, she looked at him with fear filled eyes. Luke watched his little dove with keen interest and amusement from the corner of his eyes. He held every equipment in the stock just to tease her visions, inspected them keenly only to heighten her tension. Some he returned into the cabinet, others he laid on the dresser.

At long last, Luke grabs the blindfold. Katarina took a gander at him with dread in her eyes. The Blindfold. It always inflamed a level of intense passion in her. She always feared it, yet she couldn’t deny it every time it was put to play. He had her stand behind the seat, clutching the chair-back and after that, he slipped the blindfold into the spot. He stood silently, watching her response. She breathed hard as the darkness descended blocking her sight, yet intensifying her wild thoughts. Her pulse, noticeable at the base of her neck, increased remarkably. Her nipples stiffened in anticipation of a wild lust storm.

Katarina stood clutching the chair and listened eagerly as Luke moved back to the dresser. Her heart pounded like bass drums when she heard his footsteps returning back. Yes, he returned and took her hands in his.

"Bend over" Luke ordered her as he pulled her hands down toward the seat. Katarina felt the top of the chair back, pressing into her stomach as she bent over. Her nipples were more stimulated and erect as the weight of her perfectly shaped bosoms were pulled down as she bent. She clutched the edges of the seat.

“S-s-s-s-s-o-o-o-h!” Katarina gasped as she felt the rope go around her wrists and pulled tight. She was bound to the chair hand rest. Luke walked away again and she had her ears on high alert again. Sensing a clink of some metal on wood, she realized his presence behind her.

His hand grabbed her ankle. “Spread them,” He snarled, pinching the inside of her thigh until she had her legs spread wide apart. Again Katarina whimpered as Luke restrained her ankles to the legs of the chair. Luke had his little dove restrained; her hands were restrained, her legs were wide apart, exposing her absolutely. Katarina gasped as her senses were conquered by raw passion. “What’s he gonna do next? Spank me? Give me a finger fuck? Gag me on his cock?” Restrained, blindfolded, she wasn’t sure whether the first touch would be the sensual caress of his hands, Valentine’s day rose, or a hard spank of his belt. She only knew the thought of any one of her visions was making her incredibly aroused. The more she thought, the greater was her submission moistening her.  Luke smelled the arousal. The musk of her pussy, the sweet drops of sweat perspiring under her arms. Yes, he could smell her. He realized she wanted this, needed this, craved for this. He walked back away and let her assemble her senses. Katarina was his. Katarina had no control. There she was dripping with wild desire for his arrival to calm her fire.

“I’m going to give you what you crave for and what I want,” Luke hissed in her ears. Goosebumps coursed through her lush skin infuriating her desire.

To demonstrate this, Luke ran his hands over her body. He took time while he caressed her nipples, kneaded them, pinched them, and tickled them until Katarina bucked her hips to express her needs. He ran his hands between her legs and slipped his finger into the hot smoothness of her burning pussy. Katarina was dripping her desires as they traced their path through her inner thighs. His fingers felt like magic when he investigated her wetness; almost edging her excitements. “Come on little dove, taste yourself,” he teased as took his fingers in her mouth devouring the salty juices. She was going crazy.

Luke nuzzled her ear, “I now own your body slut, your mind, your soul,” he whispered. “You’re mine to do as I please. I’m your master, your God, your worst nightmare…. The devil of your desires.”

Furthermore, to demonstrate to her that she was really his, Luke took his left thumb and index finger and spread the cheeks of her bubble butts.

“O-goodness, p-please n-no” Katarina stammered, acknowledging what was going to happen.

Then again, his fingers invaded the depths of her womanhood getting lubricated in her moisture. Waves after waves of lush erotica crashed on the edges of her curves. Her thighs trembled as her rosebuds engulfed every inch of his sturdy fingers. Her body burned with raw lust as she shook violently. Then, he pulled his finger from her pussy and gradually rubbed the juices over her ass. She's not used to this so early. It always came on a little later, when she needed it. Not now. She was not prepared.

“A-h-h-h-h-h! G-g-g-od, Ah! O-goodness waoh, p-please!” Katarina screamed as his well-lubricated middle finger invaded her ass to the knuckle.

“What did I let you know?” Luke inquired calmly.

“A-h-h! P-please! I won’t d-do Y a- a-h!” She breathed hard as if air was being cut out from her lungs. Luke pulled his middle finger out of her anal cavity and slid it back in once again.

“What did I let you know?” He asked again, something which he truly disliked.

“Wh-h-h-o-o-o-o!” she moaned realizing the heat developing intensely in her pussy, “N-not to d-do an-any-t-thing w-with m-my p-pussy!”

“Indeed,” Luke agreed, “And now you should pay the price of disobedience.”

“Please, p-please! I just W-whaaa!” she screeched as he stroked his finger in and out once more.

“I hate excuses, little dove”. He growled, “Are you ready?”

She crashed into reality. “Start?” She wondered in panic. “We haven’t started yet?”

She moaned in a blend of relief and frustration as his finger slid out of her ass. She disapproved when it was inside her, but the truth was, she craved for it, she was desperate for his touch, she hungered for his desire.

She felt him standing before her and his hand lifted her chin up. She felt the glow, the embracing warmth and passionate solace of his breath as his lips spread hers.

The kiss she wondered in sheer desperation.

The kiss always marked the beginning of their play.

His lips lingered on hers and she opened her's marginally to let his tongue slid into her mouth. His hands moved from supporting her face to brushing the tips of her nipples as they hung on the ends of her bosoms. He grabbed the back of her head with one hand and pulled her back harder to him, taking her breath away. She forgot whose air, she breathed in as her senses craved for more lust, desire and need as he continued to wrap his lips and tongue over her luscious and tempting ones.

“You realize how much I adore you,” He stated politely, yet his voice filled with intent.

“Yes,” Katarina murmured; her heart beating like drums.

At that moment, she felt the blistering pain as the first nipple clip slid into its perfect place.

“S-s-s-s-s-a-r-r-r-g-g-h-h!” Katarina sucked her breath in fast as the teeth of the first nipple clip bit into the erect pap of her left nipple.

“Un-n-n-n-g-g-g-g an ah!” she moaned as she felt the second nipple clip bite into the delicate erect nub of her right nipple.

Forcing herself to inhale deeply through her nose, she allowed the air a chance to fill her lungs. She waited eagerly for the underlying agony to subside and be thrilled by the consistent throb she so desperately needed. Gradually the agonizing pain settled in and she moaned in delight as the sensation moved from her sensitive nipples down her spine, meandering to her pussy. Settling there and making her waggle her hips in desperation.

However, Luke wasn't done with her nipples. For a while, Katarina thought she felt something different about the vibe of the clips. There appeared to be some sort of pull on them. As a matter of fact, each clip had been attached to a little chain fit for holding tiny, yet very overwhelming loads. He cautiously attached a weight on the ends of each chain. She knew that something was going to happen, yet wasn't prepared for the shock of agony that coursed through her body when he held the loads up and after that dropped them along gravity with the intention that they jerked her sensitive nipples straight down.

“Y-e-e-e-e-o-o-o-w-w! O-o-o-h-h-h, g-g-god! Oh p-please!” she screamed as the loads swung forward and backward pulling the nipple clamps, the teeth of which were firmly installed in every now red pap which were pulled and extended at the end of each tit. Again there was this unsettling wait; again the impatient wait that would let her to settle in the blistering pain. Her pussy was throbbing in need and started to leak her ecstasy. Katarina felt it running down the inside of her widely extended thighs and felt embarrassed at the idea of her uncontrolled excitement.

As she moved her body marginally to adjust her pain and control her arousal, she was promptly greeted with another jolt of intense pain when the loads swung to the ends of her nipple. “A-h-h-h-u-u-n-n-h!” She moaned.

Luke stood aside, quietly watching her as she raved up in her anguish. He grinned in extreme pleasure and profound joy as he witnessed her thighs smoothening with her juices. Katarina was as of now spilling and she had so far to go he thought unmindfully as he moved back to the cabinet.

He reached in and picked up a little can of lubricant along with a medium sized butt plug. Katarina always loved anal, rejoiced every ounce of it, however she was small in her anus and he was constantly mindful not to utilize the large fittings. There is a obviously a fine line between pain and injury and he was sensible enough to avoid the later no matter what.

Luke turned and strolled over to her. “You defied an order, did you not?” he questioned.

“Yes, I did,” she replied nodding her head vigorously in acknowledgement.

“You realize you should be punished..” Luke stated sternly.

“Yes,” she nodded again as her heart started to pound at the ominous resonance in his voice.

“But I’ve a plan for you little dove. I want you at my mercy. I want to make you purr.” Luke whispered in her ears. Goosebumps traced its course through the glowing perspiring skin of Katarina as she trembled at her master’s wishes. Her heart wanted what she craved for most. There was no logic in it, just wild lust, raw passion. She believed in lust and romance. Her mind was out of her control to sum up love, lust, sex and romance to a balanced equation. She desired the mess and chaos. She craved for Luke to go crazy for her. She desired to feel the passion, the heat, the sweat and the madness. In fact, she needed them all.

Saying nothing further, Luke moved behind her. She tried to move in nervousness and afterward gasped when he gradually seeped the lubricant into the crack of her ass giving it a chance to rundown and run over the wrinkled rose of her anus.

“O-o-o-h-h-h, p-please” Katarina murmured, “P-please d-don’t”.

“Too late, little dove,” he answered, “You defined an order. And so you should be punished.”

“A-h-h-h,” she breathed hard as he used his middle finger to spread the lubricant over her anus, “E-e-e-c-h!” Katarina screamed in an overwhelming blend of pleasure and fear as he pushed his finger inside her, again invading her to the knuckle. Then he quickly pulled his finger and grabbed the anal plug.

It is around 4 inches in length; it started as a blunt point that gradually increased in size until it is around 1 inch in diameter. Then it decreased rapidly to a tight neck that closed in a wide base. The design was perfect with the end goal that it altogether extended the anal cavity of the wearer as it entered. Then, enabled it to close around the plug and held it in place, while the broad base kept it from completely disappearing into the anal cavity. The outcome was an underlying stretching joined by significant distress followed by an unwinding of the anus and a much fulfilled satisfactory feeling.

“A-h-h-h-h-h!” Katarina gasped as he used his thumb and forefinger to spread her butt cheeks and completely uncover the winking cavity of her anus.

“U-n-n-n-n-h-h!” Katarina grunted as she sensed him place the tip of the butt plug in what she felt by all means the nucleus of her body.

Luke worked the butt plug about an inch inside and after that allowed her a chance to push it back out. She squealed as she felt the plug starting the initial stretching, kicking her hips in response then squealing again as the inward penetration set the loads attached to her nipples swinging.

Again he pushes the butt plug in. “A-r-r-r-g-g-g-h-h, o-g g-god, p-p-pleeeease! N-no, p-pleeease!” Katarina shrieked as she felt it extend her butt until she saw red before her blindfolded eyes.

Again he allowed her a chance to push it back out. She was gasping and kicking against her restrains, yet endeavoring to keep still, desperate to minimize the movement of the loads dangling from her nipples.

“Y-e-e-e-e-c-c-c-h-h-h! A-h-h-h-h, u-n-n-n-h-h-g-g, oh! n-n-n-oooo! Wh a-n a-!” Katarina hollered as she flailed uncontrollably in agony as the widest part of the butt plug was squeezed into her. Then she heaved in relief as the shoulder of the butt plug penetrated her anus and she felt her ass cinching around the narrow neck. The base of the butt plug settled cozily against her anal cavity. She was shrouded in a fine sheen of sweat and breathing erratically faster in a perfect blend of pain and pleasure. Her pussy was literally streaming now and she felt the juices running down her calves. Her ass was full, her tits were extended far and burning with a blistering sensation, and yet, she desperately craved to cum, her hips bucking in a regular fucking rhythm, however, her legs were extended so far apart that she could feel no friction on her clit. Katarina sobbed in distressful frustration and tempting arousal.

Luke permitted her no rest. Without wasting any further moment, he got a wide leather paddle almost resembling the design of a tennis racket. Luke held it right in front of her nose so that she could inhale the fragrance of leather; she could breathe in the aroma of her sweat on the leather paddle from past erotic encounters.

“Oh! No ! N-n-oo-t now!” Katarina pleaded desperately, “Not the paddle! Please, not the lash. I have a butt plug in my ass, please, spare me”.

“You could beg better, little dove,” he responded, “Possibly you’ll consider this the next time you dare to disobey.”

With that, he ventured behind her and taking his measure, brought the paddle over her upturned ass with a sharp S-P-A-N-K!

“W-hh-y-y-y-y-e-e-e-e-e!” Katarina screamed as the warmth from the paddle burned her ass cheeks with a blistering sensation. Her butt plug dived in a bit deeper in her anal fissure at the thud of the paddle and she gasped at the sensational consummating feeling it caused. The loads swung sharply and clicked together, snapping the ever-delicate nipples on her bosoms. Her pussy wept and she bucked her hips hopelessly desiring for her sexual release. In any case, she was far from the peaks of her climaxes.

S-P-A-N-K the paddle lands another blistering thud once more...

Luke was in no mood to have her relaxations.

He remained next to her, letting her adjust to the pain. Katarina was wiggling her ass in a painfully disturbed and traumatic agitating state. Two expansive stripes of red lay gleaming over the broadest part of her upturned hips. She was again in severe desperation to calm her excitements by inhaling deeply through her nose. Her nipples burned with a blistering sensation blending with pain and pleasure, the nipple clamps and loads continued to make their presence felt as the weighted teeth pulled persistently at her sensitive and stretched nipples.

Her ass was clenching around the base of the butt plug, with every constriction came a rush of thrilling sexual agitation. All she could pray for was to peak her sexual heights, but Luke was too excited to turn off the heat.

Luke took a couple of steps forward, measured her ass cheeks with the leather paddle once again and using an uppercut stroke, delivered another severely powerful thud of the leather paddle onto the underside of her ass cheeks.

“Y a-n a-h-h-h!” Katarina shrieked rising up on her toes; her calf muscles flexing hard in wretched strains to lift her ass far from the rapidly created blistering heat engulfing her butts.

S-p-a-n-k! Another severely vicious stroke crossed the underside of her ass.

“Y-I-I-I-e-e-e-e!” Katarina shrilled tossing her head back and lifting her up on her toes once more, as if she was lifting herself to the peak of her sexual delights. “Oh, p-p-pl-e-e-e-ase!” she stuttered. And with that, she realized her climax building. “One more, please, one more”, her mind wandered in desperation to throw her off the edges of excitement, “Just one more”, she pleaded in her mind.

Luke detected it as well. It’s time.

He delivered the last powerful thud with another horrible undercut...

“O-G-O-D, Y-yes-s-s-s-s!” she gasped as she raised herself up on her toes for the last time and her body went rigid. Her climax washed over her in what was by all accounts a perpetual wave. The pain, the heat, the sensational ecstatic excitement all blended perfectly into an orgy of conflicting, yet complimentary sensations. She shivered uncontrollably shaking the heavy weighted oak chair as waves after waves of electrifying pleasures overflowed through the crevices of her lush seduction.

Luke stood back and witnessed her climax advancing from the first original savage compressions to shivers of a calm panting. As Katarina settled, Luke rushed to release his little dove from the nipple clamps and hanging loads. Katarina felt his fingers in her butt and she pushed to help him remove her butt plug. Obviously, it came out with ease. He removed her bonds and lifted her in his strong arms, carried her, still blindfolded, to the bed. Katarina sat and after that fell into a reclined position. Luke undressed quickly and he moved in alongside her. He lifted the blindfold and she gazed at him. “Thank you, Sir!” she murmured. He turned her so her back was cradled against his brawny stomach and his erection penetrated her. Their gasps of another raw, passionate delight were concurrent. Her hands clawed for a handhold on the sheets as he took her. He yanked his hand in her hair and pulled her back, her mouth open in soundless scream. An airless breath. She had no thought. She could only feel.